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I wasn’t planning on spending my Wednesday night at the Wheaty- not that I was complaining, because my alternate option was to watch reruns of Gossip Girl. Brad texted and said ‘We’re going to the Thundamentals Exhibition Tour, I’ll pick you up in an hour.’ I didn’t know a thing about these guys except for the fact they were on the line up for the years Groovin The Moo. Driving down to Thebarton, we cranked their latest album Everyone We Know- although I didn’t understand what they were saying, the beat made me wanna dance around in baggy pants and wear my hat backwards.

The Everyone We Know: Exhibition Tour was set up like this… On the walls over the front bar was artwork that matched each song on Everyone We Know. Under the paintings there were the lyrics to the songs and an iPod nano (remember those things) playing the track.

I was helping set up and trying to match the music with the right artwork when I saw a guy standing in the corner. I was about to ask him if he knew anything about the Thundamentals when my mate pointed out that was DJ Morgs- the lead singer of the band. Then the Hilltop Hoods role in and I think they were the two winners of the Meet and Greet. Note to self: Hannah, stop being so uncool and don’t ever embarrass yourself in front of rap gods again.

It was a free event and the fans were starting to fill up the bar and I was scared to speak to anyone else in case they were another chart topping success I had no idea about. Instead I walked around and read all the lyrics to their songs. Man, it was some pretty heavy stuff Thundamentals were singing about. I had read on their album description that Everyone We Know appealed for peace and unity. The good old saying actions speak louder than words popped into my mind. Any artist can do the whole Bieber thing and sing about being a great person, but in reality be a total fruitcake. I could just tell that MC Tuka and DJ Morgs really stood for what they sung. One of the biggest bands in the hip scene were just standing around with a beer chatting to their fans, sharing stories and genuinely loving what they do.

The atmosphere was great, the Wheaty was the perfect place for this expo to be held, but most of all I can’t say enough how humbling the Thundamentals were. I might not know a lot of hiphop music, but I am a big fan of nice people. They proved that even if your album hits number 2 on the charts, you can always have time for others. One more thing, can I be gangster if I go buy a snapback and start saying yo yo yo???

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