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This is one to tell the grandkids. Right now, I can picture myself sitting in a rocking chair talking about the time I saw The Lizards, Wolfpack and Suicidal Tendencies playing at The Gov. Come to think of it, I'll probably be doing more screaming than talking due to the permanent hearing damage I now have.

Before The Lizards hit the stage to shred and bless both our ears and eyes, we sat in the beer garden and had a chat about the upcoming album, recent shows with Pennywise and Marky Ramone and what’s next for the local legends.

When asked what their ‘living the dream’ moment has been, drummer Marty said “Tonight and the week building up to this. I’ve been listening to Suicidal Tendencies and it really hit home, they’re a massive influence and we’re stoked to play with them. Super pumped!”

When Wolfpack hit the stage, I experienced a really awkward feeling of wanting to scream and fangirl, but also act like a ‘too cool for school’ punk. If you're into the drummer being the front man, you will absolutely froth over Wolfpack. Of course, their playing and singing was as tight as it gets, but even if they were magically muted, I still would have been captivated by their energy and expressions. The Melbourne band congratulated Adelaide for providing such incredible local talent, making mention of bands such as Trench Effect. It is proved very possible to feel warm and fuzzy at a hardcore gig; Wolfpack, a totally non for profit band, have raised over $30 500 for their furry animal friends. Drummer, Jason Mizzen yelled “Thank you for welcoming us into your home,” and although everybody just screamed back, I'm sure what the crowd was trying to say is that they’re welcome back any time. As soon as their set was over, Mizzen jumped off the stage and straight into the arms of the crowd, individually hugging and thanking each fan. Pretty amazing stuff.

All of a sudden, three things happened at once and I knew Suicidal Tendencies were about to go crazy: 1) I instantly became saturated in beer 2) The air had a suspicious smell 3) My ears started ringing

Opening with the hit, You Can't Bring Me Down, a swarm of black shirts pushed to the front and behold, the mosh began. Suicidal began back in the 80’s and even with major line-up changes and ‘controversial’ lifestyles, it was so clear as to why they are known as the ‘fathers of cross over thrash’.

Sorry to sound ridiculous, but this could be a gig your mum would approve you going to. Aside from the guitar riffs, screaming and thrash being heavier than a body builder who eats five McWhoppers a day, I also found myself being insanely inspired.

“If you aint fighting for yourself, nobody else is gonna do it for you.” Lead singer and only original member, Mike Muir, told everyone to put their fists up and a wave of energy filled the room as each person felt released from whatever they were feeling.

Some crowd favourites were Possessed to Skate, I Saw Your Mommy, Cyco Vision and Subliminal.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, Muir definitely has more moves than Jagger. I'm sure I wasn't the only one that whipped out a couple of those in my room the next day... Right?

So, as you can probably tell, it was an egg flipping excellent night, BUT my highlight came during the last song when Suicidal squeezed as many fans as possible onto the stage and sung with them. What a security nightmare, but oh my, what a good time. (Yes, my dancing shoes did find their way up there.)

Whether you were up the front chanting “S. T.” to the band all wearing their trademark bandanas, or like me and clinging onto your life outside the pit, it was impossible not to lose yourself at Suicidal Tendencies. Suicidal have inspired bands such as Slipknot, Greenday and The Offspring, but at The Gov, the bands’ only mission was to inspire the crowd.

I like to think I have seen my fair share of concerts, but never have I had a night where all three bands connected so intensely to each individual punter. Muir screamed, “When you fall down, get back up,” and it related a lot more to just those in the mosh.

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