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Flat phone, tick. Sticky shoes covered in beer, yep. Declined card, whoops.

These are the situations one might find themselves in after a night at ADL UniBar. And the February Clouds ‘Passenger’ Single Launch made all of these *cough* minor inconveniences 100% worth it. I wouldn’t change a bloody thing.

First to hit the stage was Looch. Looking back on my poorly spelt notes from the night, I had written ‘Looch are the best band in the world.’ And boy oh boy, do I still stand by that. Playing to an all-star front row - Matt (Weekend Rage) Ripley (Iris Wide Shut) Cam (Sunnyside Drive) Lachie (February Clouds) Corey (Stonegrill) Will (Weekend Rage) - they had the crowd noddin’ and boppin’ from the first song.

Coby’s got the magnetic front man energy; Benny has the fun but very stylish drumming and Dee Dee Ramone (also responds to Matty Ranger) brings the perfect amount of punk energy.

Did I mention Looch supply their own smoke machines at each show? Cue vapes duct taped to the mics… very smart.

LUCI were up next, looking stylish as always and like they’d just walked off the set of a 90’s skate film. There was Beatles mania and now there is LUCI mania. I have been lucky enough to see this ‘cheeky 4 piece’ a coupla times and never once has there not been a group of screaming mates hyping the whole set.

The setlist written up the lead singers’ arm was impressive, the actual song writing even more so.

On behalf of all of Adelaide… please, please, please release music and while you’re at it, a fashion label. Thank you x

WAAAAAA. The sound of Lachie’s guitar pierced through the speakers. Time to lace up your connies and put on your Blink shirt, February Clouds were about to give us a night to remember.

Those that hadn’t bagged the seats front stage quickly took a chair – it was time to launch Passenger! The beer garden that was 5 minutes earlier full of mates sharing a beer and smoke was now empty.

Febbies have become a loveable local favourite, and its safe to say everyone was over the moon that a song was now available to stream on repeat. Tastefully of course, making us wait until February for the release.

If Tom DeLonge had written Passenger, it would have been Blink 182’s biggest (and best) track. And even that statement doesn’t seem to do the debut single justice.

Anyway. Let me tell you, EVERY SINGLE SONG on the night was bonkers. Yep. Absolute bonkers. Lachie, you are a fricken guitar and pedal warrior, I didn’t even know half the sounds you made even existed. Mitch, I hope your new bass knows how lucky it is to have such a wizard playing it. And Zayd, WOW. Those harmonies combined with such effortlessly cool drumming. HOW?!?

They say time flies when you’re having fun. But fuck. Febbies were playing their last song waaaay too soon. Cheers for the Dammit encore, but I would have happily sat there for another infinity watching you.

A special moment at a local gig is after the band has played and everyone jumps on stage for a cuddle and well deserved ‘congrats bro, that was fucking sick!’ And you bet we all loved jumping up there for a hug with the super stars of the night.

Well done Febbies, you’re our heroes.

Until next weekend (probably.) xox Hannah

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