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‘Don’t do drugs, finish school, stay home on a weeknight.’ Said no one ever at a Dunies concert.

Wednesday the 27th of September is now in the history books at Thebby Theatre as the night the air magically smelt sweeter, humans attempted to fly and Scott Green was almost busted… All thanks to Brisbane band, Dune Rats, teaching Adelaide a thing or two about partying.

If seeing Dunies smash it wasn’t enough, they had three super tasty bands opening for them. WAAX hit the stage first with tunes that had everyone sweating in the first half hour of being there.

The last time that I was treated to a bit of Hockey Dad was at Day of Clarity back in May. They were the second act to open and just added to the hype WAAX had already created. When I wasn’t admiring drummer Billy’s hair, I was up on shoulders screaming to hits such as ‘I Need A Women’ and ‘Can’t Have Them’.

Coming all the way from California, Wavves were the icing on the cake when it came to getting the already stoked crowd ready for Dune Rates. By this point in the night the beer was tasting better than ever and the mosh pit was in full form. And the best bit was the night was only beginning!

Proving they are a legendary band with loyal fans, Dune Rats came out at 10:30pm, and played to an all ages sold out Thebby Theatre (Even after they scratched playing at the HQ). Looking dapper in suits, our three favourite long haired stoners were shredding the stage, bringing along with them the biggest inflatable toys I have ever seen in all my years.

The crowd were straight away treated with the headbanging hit ‘6-Pack’ and within the first couple songs it was clear that we were just watching three Aussie mates wanting to have a good time, no bullshit. Speaking of, when the guitar riff started and lead singer Danny screamed, ‘Everything you say is bullshit’, it became a survival of the fittest as arms, legs and the occasional joint were being thrown around.

Besides from the fact all punters were buzzing from being in the same room as Danny, BC and Brett, a lot of super impressive things happened that made it a night I have spoken nonstop about.

If you were there, enjoy reminiscing and if not, here’s three things you missed out on:

1) Some guy thought he could fly and jumped off the 4 metre high balcony. Idol or idiot? You decide.

2) Brett Jansch had more of a successful time being caught by the crowd and took the whole surfing thing to a new level. The bassist was carried around on a boogie board, fully equipped with flippers and snorkel, because why the hell not.

3) Dunies ended the night with stoner anthem, Dalai Lama, Big Banana, Marijuana. Just when you think it can’t get any better, it does. They went into an impromptu of the fitting Frenzal Rhombs, ‘Never Had So Much Fun’. A video was uploaded on Instagram and Frenzal commented saying “Please tell @dunerats our lawyers will be in touch.”

Adelaide, pat yourself on the back for being insane Dune Rats fans and kicking off their biggest ever National Tour in classic punk style. If that’s not something to be proud of, according to the guys we also have ‘the best marijuana’. The mosh was pure filth, the entire night was totally out of control and I loved every single second of it.

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